Welcome to Susanty Coaching

The old Javanese name Susanty means 'a beautiful hymn to the Higher'. For Susanty this is not only a reference to the spiritual essence in you, but also to the Divine Essence we are all part of. Born in Indonesia, she always felt a deep interest in the essential question 'who am I?' This question was her starting point for her personal, intuitive, spiritual and mystical development. Currently Susanty is working as a transformational coach and mystica. She combines traditional Javanese and modern rituals. She coaches you at the path of consciousness development and supports you to raise your vibration so that you can connect with your own spiritual wisdom and the mystical Divine. 

Due to her graduation in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a specialization in Labour, Management & Organization at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 2007 and by working as a trainer/consultant in the corporate sector for more than 15 years, Susanty knows how to combine her spiritual practice with a down to earth vision. 

Spiritual practices

Wellness can be seen from a holistic viewpoint. This means that you can take care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to return to the wholeness you already are. A selection of used practices is as following:

Oracle cards

In an oracle card reading you can ask questions about your personal and spiritual development. People also come to a reading to generally gain direction in their lives or simply out of curiosity. The special thing about an oracle card reading is that insight and advice from a higher perspective gives you a broader picture of the situation. A reading takes place based on the energy and principles at the time of the reading. It has a positive approach and focuses on the best possible option for how to deal with a situation. What you do with the insights, tips and advice is of course up to you. Everyone has their own free will and is responsible for the choices they make. This means that interim changes and choices you make can lead to the creation of a new life path.

The healing power of the singing bowl

The sounds of singing bowls are not only very pleasant to listen to, they also help you to relax and let go of what no longer serves you. This is done by the vibration that makes up sound. Because our body consists largely of water, the vibration of the sounds penetrates deep into the body and passes through all levels of existence - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The deep state of Being gives an opportunity for the body's self-healing capacity to come into action.

The harmonious sounds of the singing bowls have a healing effect in themselves. The vibrations of the singing bowl travel through the entire room. Vibrations not only work through the air, but also through water. Because our body consists of approximately 60% water, the vibration of sound works through the human body and has a profound effect. During a singing bowl reclining concert, the singing bowls are not struck directly on the body.

Transformational coaching

In a transformative coaching session you work intensively to make more and more space for your 'authentic self' on the spiritual plane of existence. Transformation coaching is a combination of the application of healing methods and coaching. Healing helps you to energetically let go of what no longer serves you. Experience shows that a transformation coaching process contains of serveral sessions as a path for clearing blockages and obstacles. It means that you break free from all the 'labels' and conditioning that you have acquired in life in order to discover who you authentically are as a human being. Transformational coaching can be attended in a physical setting and/or in an online zoom-call.

Total Release

Total Release is a method that is best described as energetic meditation following the path of least resistance. Guided by Susanty, you will be invited to let go everything and be brought into a state of complete surrender. Within this state you will be able to be connected to the spiritual source within yourself. 

Total Release uses the field of everything, or simply The Field. During this energetic meditation you will experience the possibility of completely peeling away the problem you perceive energetically, allowing you to break free from obstructive emotions, beliefs and beyond your conditioning. In fact, you allow the problem to merge into Nothingness (or Everything and Wholeness) by applying nothingness.

Wandering in the labyrinth

A labyrinth is a circulating and ancient pattern that has one way in to a central point. You also walk out the same path you enter. That's why you can't get lost in a labyrinth. With one entrance, no side paths, long walls and a meandering pattern, the labyrinth helps you connect with and surrender to your intuition. A labyrinth walk is a journey inward, to connect with your authentic self.

In connection with your authentic self you can receive the wisdom of your essence and/or connect with the greater field of consciousness hidden in the labyrinth. A labyrinth walk can also be done in a mini version. In that case you 'walk' the path with your finger on a wooden board. Although smaller, the effect is the same as a physical walk.   

Vinyasa Yoga

This form of Yoga, which is also called Flow Yoga, is more active and sporty in nature. Vinyasa Yoga traditionally starts with the Sun Salutations and continues with a sequence of postures. Each lesson wil be finished with a meditation to integrate the effect of Yoga on all levels. It is best thought of as coordination of a flow of certain postures with the movement of breathing. You flow, as it were, from one posture to another in a sequence as a 'meditation by movement'.  Susanty offers Vinyasa Yoga with a slower pace and with accessible postures so that everyone can participate. Her view on yoga is that it is best if it connects with other practices aimed at the process of consciousness development.

New practices arriving soon...

In addition to her work, Susanty continues to develop herself. She believes that our consciousness expands infinitely far. New practices that will be added to her work in the upcoming year will be Healing with the Key of Life and Inner Essence Journeys.


Please feel free to contact Susanty if you have any questions or if you are interested in a session with Susanty.